I was absent...

  • I was absent....
    What did I miss?

    If you are out of class for any reason (this includes sickness, travel, music lessons and other reasons),  please pick up your work as soon as possible.  Read over your papers and be sure that you understand the assignments given. If something is missing, please ask me immediately.

    While I try to help out by setting work aside or sending work home when students miss school, there are a few points that I need to remind you, my students, about:

    • First, in science, we do many labs and activities that require specific instructions or equipment that cannot be sent out of the building.  Labs and activities cannot be sent home and will have to be made up after school. 
    • Second, much of the time that you miss when you are absent is actually a lesson- that is direct teaching time, discussion and question/answer time that will help you acquire new knowledge or a new skill.  I am ultimately responsible for providing this instruction and can try to supplement it with reading material, but many times, students have to actually come in and do the learning (make up missed class time) to learn most efficiently. 
    • Lastly, I can most often send home worksheets and study guides, however, due to missed instruction, the topics may seem totally foreign to students. 

    In these three instances, it comes down to the fact that the student needs to follow up his/her absence with time in the classroom during access and after school sessions.  Sometimes students do not understand this and will need to be reminded of their responsibility for their work. 

    In closing, I strongly encourage you to stay after school and or come in during lunch and access as soon as possible to make up their missed work: you need to make up missed lessons and avoid losing credit for missed assignments.