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    On this page, you will find several interesting links to good science websites sorted alphabetically by topic, with fun, miscellaneous links to follow.  Please use these links to help you study, review topics learned in class and to complete your current event summaries.  Many students also find it helpful to look at more "real-life" photos of the things that we learn about in class in order to help create a mental picture or model, which enhances understanding. 

    If you find another great site that you think should be listed and isn't or that you think I would like, please let me know! 


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    Most of these sites contain links to many other websites. Though I am quite familiar with the sites that I have recommended , I am not always able to follow all of the links on all of the sites.  If you are suspicious of someone or something you've encountered online, always tell a responsible adult, like a teacher or parent.  

    Remember: when in doubt, get out!!!


    Science in the News (Current Events)

    Science News for Kids on-line is a great study resource for kids.  Written works are age-appropriate and appealing to teens.  These articles are similar to those that we use in class.  Study resources and games are available here, too.
    The magazine titled Scientific American  has its own website!  This is hard-core science, but is where many life-long scientists wish to have their work published.  Check it out!

    New Scientist has a very nice selection of articles in their "Hot Topics" section.  Hot topics include many new and or controversial findings in science, like cloning and stem-cell research.


    NASA  has a science news website!  They feature an article of the day as well as lots of archives that you can search through.

    The British Broadcasting Company is a comprehensive new organization.  They cover news world-wide and do an especially great job in their science department.  You will find the articles interesting and easy to read for current event purposes, and, with parent permission, you may want to check out surveys in the "Human Body and Mind" section- they are very interesting and are actually helping various scientists gather data for their experiments.  Who knows?  You may actually find some inspiration for your own science fair project!  Have fun!


    NOVA: Science in the News offers many articles nicely categorized by topic.  For each article, they also offer a summary of the key text, or key ideas, a glossary of important terms, activities relating to the topic at hand, suggestions for further reading on the topic,  and a listing of other useful sites.  This Australian site is a very extensive resource with much of the footwork done for you:  get reading!


    Bright-  is a website that works to gather all of the latest science news from many different sources.  Be sure to look at the sidebars of the screen, as they will allow you to navigate through many different topics.  These articles can get a little wordy, so please be sure that you understand all that you read.
    Science-a-go-go is a great site with interesting, and sometimes silly, science articles. As they say themselves, "get your brain into gear with the latest science news, offbeat technologies, scientific hot topics, bizarre scientific research, and cryptic experimental results."  From bacterial communication to left- versus right-handedness, they have got it all.  This is a personal favorite...


    Eureka-lert is a wealth of knowledge!  This website is a service provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the NIH (national Institute of Health).  This is the most accurate and up-to-date science information that you can find. I do believe that any topic that you would like to learn about would be available here.  Research agriculture or archaeology, Earth science or ethics, Medicine/health or social behavior or space or nanotechnology!  It's all here.  A great site for science fair research!


    Science News on-line provides a nice chunk of material in all realms of science for free: many of their featured articles are posted on the web for use free of charge.  These articles are very comprehensive and well written, but they can get a little wordy:  give it a try!