Supply List

  • Supply List 


    Students should come to science with the following supplies at the beginning of and throughout the year (if there is a problem obtaining any of the following, please let me know):

    1.  A three-ring binder, 1.5 - 2 inches thick (we don't use a book, so we rely heavily on our binders- consider color coding so binders for other classes don't get mixed up);

    2.  One set of 4-5 dividers (home-made or colored paper are fine);

    3.  A supply of pencils with erasers;

    4.  Loose-leaf paper;

    5.  A metric ruler for use at home (centimeters);

    6.  A simple calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide (the one required for math is more than adequate);

    7.  A small set of colored pencils (optional);*

    8.  A highlighter (optional).

    *Colored pencils of varying qualities are in the classroom and may be used, however, they do end up quite worn as the year progresses.