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    Welcome to Eighth Grade Science!  

    I hope that this year you will learn to love science as much as I do...  One of the best things about the topics that we study in eighth grade science is that they connect so closely to so many things going on around us- I really want my students to find connections between what they learn in class and what they see every day or what they hear about in the news- it helps new information sink in and makes for some awesome and very animated class discussions.This year we will be studying the Scientific Method and Graphing, Cells, Classification, Genetics (my favorite!), Astronomy, Latitude & Longitude, Meteorology, Matter/Density review and Chemistry.  Review assignments will take place throughout the year leading up to the NYS Exam (June) and final project.  Students will be expected to complete a lab-based final laboratory assessment (with lab report) using their complete knowledge of the scientific method and critical thinking skills. Your grade this year will be made up of quiz and test scores, lab scores, current event summaries and homework.  I know, I know... yes, I do give homework almost daily, but it should only take you about fifteen minutes to complete.  These assignments are selected to help you understand new concepts, give you practice using and applying your knowledge, and review for your quizzes and tests.  Please note that since we go over homework assignments in class, late homework will not be accepted in 8th grade science.As you probably know, in New York, eighth graders have to take an assessment in science.  This test will cover material that you learned in science in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, as well as a hands-on, lab skills portion.   We also have a final lab report to complete this year.  Don't worry too much though, as long as you do your work for the year, you should be in good shape for the exam and to complete the project. Remember, part of doing well in science is having the ability to understand the language of each topic.  When in doubt, grab your unit glossary and review. 


    Please also visit the Eighth Grade Science Page

    to find links to vocabulary/major ideas for each topic that we cover this year.

    The more you can do to define and explain words, answer questions and provide examples from real life or in class, the better off you will be.


    These summaries are meant to provide a general overview of the topics we discuss.  Students should always refer to their notebooks to get the most specific and relevant information needed to best review.