• Students are expected to make up work from an absence in a timely manner, unless otherwise instructed.  This also applies to students who miss a portion of class while attending band/orchestra lessons or Ballston Scholars. 

    A "While you were out..." sheet is provided to each student upon his/her return to school following an absence.  This includes a description of the work that was missed and has necessary materials such as worksheets attached.

    It is the student's responsibility to pick-up the "While you were out..." sheet from the folder in the front of the class and submit completed work for credit. 

    Students may need to stay after school to make up missed exams and labs that cannot be completed during lunch. 

    When a student is going to be out of school for an extended period of time (2 or more days) due to illness, work can be requested through the guidance office and picked up the following day by a parent or sibling.  The guidance office can be reached at (518) 884-7200 x4301.