• Calculating an Average:

    Assessments: 40%

    Classwork: 40%

    Homework: 20%


    Assessments:  Students will have nine unit exams during the seventh grade year.  Each unit of study lasts approximately four weeks allowing for about 2 unit exams per marking period.  Students will also have quizzes as check points throughout our units of study.  There is a cumulative science final exam, which counts as 12% of the student's overall science average for the year.

    Classwork:  Students have many graded class work assignments including lab activities, worksheets, group projects and individual performance tasks.  Participation and preparedness are very important and will be factored into the class work grade as well. 

    Homework:  Homework assignments are graded.  The majority of these assignments are collected and graded based on accuracy of answers and overall effort.  

    Communicating Grades:

    Grades in middle school are numeric indicating a student's exact average; letter grades are not used.  BSMS completes Progress Reports and Report Cards eight times a year.  The dates for Progress Reports and Report Cards are indicated on the District's calendar. 

    I use School Tool to inform parents and students of individual grades, overall averages and upcoming assignments.  I aim to enter upcoming assignments into the system as often as possible, but I cannot guarantee all assignments will appear prior to due dates. 

    Parents:  Please check your child's Agenda on a regular basis as this remains the student's responsibility and our primary means of communication.