• Required Materials:

    1.5 or 2 Inch Clear-View Binder*:  The binder is used for science class only to store class activities, labs and worksheets.  It should come to class each day and go home for studying and completing homework assignments.  I will provide students with a cover page for the binder to decorate; it can also be found below. 

    5 Divider Tabs:  Avery Ready Index- Durable Table of Contents Dividers (5 tabs) work well, but any brand is okay.   

    Tabs should be labeled: 

    1. Unit Work     2. Notes     3. Vocab. Lists     4. Review Sheets     5. Save

    Dividers are very important for keeping binders organized and organization is key to success!

    Metric Ruler:  A metric ruler (cm/mm on at least one side) is often necessary for measuring and also constructing graphs and data tables.  (A ruler with holes that can be clipped into the binder would be best.) 

    Pencils/Erasers:  All science work must be completed in pencil.  Students are expected to come to class with a pencil/eraser every day.  

    Inexpensive Headphones/Ear-buds:*  Headphones are often used when working with computers in science class.  They can be kept in a labeled zip-lock bag in our classroom.  Students may also choose to carry one set of earbuds in a pencil case from class to class.  This is fine as long as the headphones/earbuds come to science class each day!  (Headphones can be purchased at the Dollar Store.)

    * Please label materials with student's full name, science period (7A_), Mrs. Prescott, and Room 201. 

    Optional Materials:

    One Box of Tissues:  If you are able to donate one box of tissues to our classroom it would be very much appreciated.  I always purchase tissues to get us started, but we use a lot during the year!  THANK YOU!!!  :) 

    Colored Pencils:  Having a set of colored pencils is nice and will save time in class.  I do have colored pencils for students to borrow as well. 

    Calculator:  A calculator can also be a convenience, but I do provide calculators when they are required. 



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