• What Defines Civilization?

    1. Organized Government

    A. Leaders

    B. Laws


    2. Organized Religion

    A. Gods (polytheistic); one god (monotheistic)

    B. Teachers/Leaders

    C. Places of Worship


    3. Organized Economy

    A. Currency (Money)

    B. Social Classes

    C. Trade Methods

    D. Division of Labor (Specialization/Jobs)


    4. Arts, Culture, and Tradition

    A. Architecture

    B. Music

    C. Theater

    D. Painting

    E. Sculpture

    F. Diet


    5. Technological Advancements

    A. Development of Ideas

    B. Mathematical/Scientific Discoveries

    C. Inventions


    6. Stable Food Supply & Permanent Settlement

    A. Large, Cooperative Group of People

    B. Agriculture/Stable Food Supply


    7. System of Writing

    A. Record Keeping

    B. Education

    C. Communication

    D. Literature