• March 2018

    Welcome to BSMS 6C Social Studies Central!

    Current Unit: Ancient India

    Essential Question: How was Ancient India considered a civilization?

      Students will focus on:

    • Identifying the 7 characteristics of a civilization and applying them to Ancient India
    • Identifying the importance of settling along the Indus River Valley
    • Exploring the origins and major beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism and their influence on Ancient India
    • Investigating the impact of the caste system on India's development


    India Unit Test- Monday, March 26 for all classes 


    Upcoming Dates of Importance:

    Spring Break: March 30-April 6


    I would ask that students bring the required supplies to Social Studies class every day: a three ring binder, a single subject notebook, a folder, a pen(cil), and of course their Agenda.

    Students will be assigned a textbook this week.  This textbook needs to go home and stay home for the upcoming school year.  Books will need to be returned in June.  Books will be used for vocabulary activities as well as other homework assignments throughout the year.   An on line verson of the book is available with a code.



    Stay connected: Students and parents can now receive one way text reminders!  Just text the following according to your class section:

    Section 1: Text @0fc3f0 to 81010

    Section 3: Text @81105 to 81010

    Section 5: Text @8110532 to 81010

    Section 7: Text @8110532a to 81010

    Section 8: Text @811053 to 81010

    This service is free an you can opt out an anytime by replying 'unsubscribe@and then your section code.



    It is important that students continue to complete and turn in all homework assignments.  Homework should be written daily in the student's Agenda.


    Please contact me at cblanchet@bscsd.org with any questions or concerns.

    6th grade students will be completing several document based question/essays this year. 

    Have Questions?? Want Extra Help??

    Mrs. Blanchet will be available for extra help during lunch and after school, schedule permitting, on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Students need to let Mrs. Blanchet know if they are in need of extra assistance during lunch so that she can provide them a lunch pass. 

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