Native Americans

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     1- American Indians

    2- Iroquois Confederacy

    3- Pocahontas

    4- Inca Civilization

    5- Maya Civilization

    6- Aztec Civilization

    7- Meso America


    Articles on Native Americans:

    1-(lots of age appropriate readings)

    2-(variety of articles)




    2- (PowerPoints)


    Suggested Videos:

    1-Ice Age (first movie) *first 30 mins. shows animals moving over landbridge because                                               of the coming Ice Age.


    Classroom PowerPoints & Notes:

    1- Native Americans General Overview PowerPoint & Notes Sheet *(see below for PowerPoint attachement and wks.)

    2- Iroquois PowePoint & Notes Sheet *(see below for both)

    3- BioPoem Project PowerPoint Example

    4- BioPoem Dirctions wks. * (see below)

    5- Project Poster wks. *(see below)

    6- Meso America Slide Show & wks. *(see below)



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