Studio in Art

  • Course Description:

    In this course, you will make creative decisions that will lead you down a unique path of artistic individuality. We will build upon the foundations of the elements of art and  principles of design, becoming more complex, and earning more freedom. This class will provide you the opportunity to develop your own artistic voice while building a strong technical background.


    Course Objectives:

    To provide a sound aesthetic and technological foundation allowing the student to develop skills that can be applied in future Art courses or other subject areas.

    To provide a learning atmosphere that will encourage and enable the student to create.

    To teach students to use their powers of observation along with their ability to analyze and think critically.


    Course Requirements:

    Attendance is mandatory. Multiple absences will result in the loss of class time to complete assignments and make it very difficult to succeed in class. Please make every attempt to be in class on time- 3 times tardy unexcused will result in a lunch detention.  Chronic lateness will have a negative impact on your final grade.

    Assignments must be completed by due dates and be present at scheduled critiques.

    Participation in class discussions and critiques is essential.

    Craftsmanship is essential to drawing and painting. All projects must be completed and presented in a professional manner.

    Supplies: You will need to have a 1 inch 3 ring binder, a pencil for class. Optional: Sketchbook (81/2 x 10 inches)




    Evaluation & Grading Plan:

    Projects will be graded using a standard rubric consisting of a list of required criteria. This rubric is used as a template for each project. Your ability to meet the project specific criteria along with your effort will determine your grade for each project. Final grades for each marking period will be based on your ability (technical and creative), participation, effort, and attendance.


    Art Room Information:

    Art room (studio) time is set for each project. During this time, I will be going around the room offering individual help and suggestions. We only have four hours a week of classroom time so it is imperative to stay on              task and work diligently. You will be working with peers at your table for setup and cleanup.


    Extra Help:Extra help is available upon request after school. It is required for student to inform the teacher that they will be staying after before the last block of the school day.