Obtaining the APPR Rating of your Child's Teacher(s) or Principal

  • Obtaining the APPR Rating of your Child's Teacher(s) or Principal:

    In compliance with the New York State Education Law 3012-c 10(b), parents and legal guardians of a student may request the final rating and the overall effectiveness score for each teacher and building principal their student is assigned to for the current school year.

    Parents can request 2022-2023 APPR scores beginning on September 22, 2017.  An appeal of the APPR by the teacher/principal will delay providing of this information until such time as the appeal is concluded.

    Only the overall composite rating (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, and Ineffective) will be provided.

    Instructions for obtaining the composite score and rating for your child's teacher(s) or principal:

    1. All requests must be made on the District provided form available HERE.  A hard copy is also available in the main office of each school or at the District office.

    2. Parent/Guardians should expect to show photo ID to verify identity.  This can be done when dropping off the request to the District Office or when picking up scores in person.

    3. All requests must be mailed or hand delivered to: Pam Motler, Executive Director of Personnel Management and Development, The Office of Human Resources and Professional Development (address on form).

    4. Information will only be provided directly to parent/guardian and will not be provided over the phone or by electronic means.

    5. A separate form must be submitted for each teacher or principal.

    6. Teacher or principal evaluation scores are for parent/guardian personal use only.  It is expected that parents and guardians will respect the privacy of District employees and not share this information with others, including other parent/guardians or via social media.


    APPR stands for Annual Professional Performance Review.  More information can also be found on Engage NY.