Classroom News

  • 1.  I will be sending home daily homework emails for the team as well as posting team homework and announcements on the homework page on my website.  Included in the email will be Math, Social Studies, most Foreign Language, and Science and E/LA sometimes.  Please understand that this is not mandatory and teachers are not required to do it; students should still continue to be responsible and write homework down in their agenda.

    2.  Below are the Directions for setting up online textbook account.  This book has valuable resources to help students study including a read aloud option for struggling readers.

    Go to

    1.       Select Social Studies/ Middle School

    2.       Choose New York

    3.       Click on find your book

    4.       Click American History

    5.       Scroll down to online book

    6.       Click on create a student account

    7.       Type in activation code 3179176-330

    8.       Enter your birth date

    9.       Follow the directions to create a new student account

    If you have difficulty, I can help your son/daughter during lunch.

    Mr. Manning