7B Homework

  • Homework 9/22/17

    Math:  Mrs. Rothacker  grothacker@bscsd.org

    7B-1 (Math 7) Red

    Homework: None

    7B – 3 (Enhanced) Purple

    Homework: Worksheet “Order of Operations”

    7B – 4 (Math 7) Yellow

    Homework: None

    7B – 5 (Math 7) Green

    Homework: None

    7B – 6 (Math 7) Blue

    Homework: None

    Social Studies:  Manning  (wmanning@bscsd.org)


    Extra Help: Every day during lunch

    • I have begun to put in grades for homework and our first two in class assignments. A few notes…
      • I have a pile of late work in our late folder that I will add tomorrow.  If work is handed in late, I usually will not put it in the computer until the end of the week.
      • I will add in class posters tomorrow and will grade our first writing assignment over the weekend. 
      • I would encourage your student to see me during lunch if they are missing assignments.  If it is complete, it can be a quick check in and if not they can work on it during lunch

    Red- Period 2: None

    Green- Period 4: Finish final copy of journal.

    Yellow- Period 5: None

    Purple- Period 6: None

    Blue- Period 8: None


    Science:  Muller  (pmuller@bscsd.org)


    Sections 4 and 8:   No homework

    Sections 3:  The Metric Staircase worksheet

    Sections 2 and 5:  Make sure that your length labs are done.


    Parents:  Please check school tool to see your child’s progress in science.  Some students owe work.  I stay after school every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for extra help, and I am also available during lunch periods.



    Ms. Casella

    Email: ccasella@bscsd.org

    Class Section

    Homework Assignment(s)

    Period 1

    No Homework

    Period 3

    No Homework

    Period 5

    No Homework

    Period 7

    No Homework



    Madame Bredderman

    Email: dbredderman@bscsd.org

    Madame Bredderman’s teacher site:



    ***Tissue Box Donations still needed for French room*** Merci!

    7-1 Myrtille

    Reminder: Bring 10 tab foldable/flashcards for Commands to next class.

    HW: Practice Commands by going to link below: https://quizlet.com/225868214/classroom-commands-flash-cards/

    QUIZ on Classroom Commands Wednesday 9/27

    7-2 Framboise

    7-5 Cassis

    7-6 Pistache

    7-7 Peche








































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