Supply List

  • Supply List
    - Sturdy 2 pocket folder
    - 3 Ring Binder (1.5" or larger)
    - Loose leaf paper  
    - 1 pack of  binder dividers with  tabs 
    - Pencils, pencils, pencils with erasers 
    - Scientific Calculator (recommended: TI-30X IIS)
    - Handheld pencil sharpener (helpful)
    Your student will need only a few supplies for use in math class this year.  Students should bring their supplies
    to class each day. Our class binders are setup so the students can stay organized.  They will have  sections:

         1.) Notes (This is where students keep their current notes packet)

         2.) Quizzes/Tests (This is where students will keep their quizzes/tests they get back)

         3.) Classwork  

         4.) Review (This is where students will keep their test review packets)