Classroom News

    We have a lot to cover this year!
    In order for everyone to be successful, we ask that you come to class each day prepared and ready to learn. 

    Here you can find  an overview of classroom expectations.  

    • Homework: Homework is a way of practicing what we are learning in class. Homework can be expected each night. At the beginning of each unit an outline will be handed out with the tentative homework schedule. Homework may be collected and graded at any time. Homework will be scored daily on a 0-4 scale. 
    • Class Time: You need to be in your seat promptly at the beginning of class and immediately begin your Warm Up Activity.  During class, be prepared to work independently, in pairs and in groups! If you come into class late, you will be asked to sign in and explain. Students with multiple tardies without a pass will receive a consequence.
    • Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes and tests will be given regularly during each unit.  See the unit outline at the beginning of each unit to ensure you are prepared.
    • Grades: Grades will be based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to homework, class work, class preparedness and participation, quizzes, and tests.



    Students will need the following materials and will need to bring them to class each day.

    2- 1 ½ in. binder (any color)

    15 Dividers



    Extra Help:  Extra Help is available daily during lunch as well as at least one day after school.  

    Test Corrections: Test corrections can be completed on any unit assessment based on the deadlines provided by the classroom teacher. This helps   students learn that they are responsible for the grades they earn, and it also allows them to learn from their mistakes and have a better understanding of the content.