Classroom Information

  • Students will be assessed in a variety of ways including but not limited to: unit exams, quizzes, writing compositions projects, presentations and practice.  Some graded practice will be completed in class; other graded practice will be completed (or finished) at home.  You will be notified in advance of all assessments and writing assignments, which will occur on a regular basis.  There will be graded practice components in each thematic unit. Practice tasks should be completed with care and turned in on time.  It is your responsibility to make up all work missed due to absence as soon as possible.  A large part of learning a foreign language is speaking in that language.  You are required to participate in class by answering questions, asking questions, reading aloud, singing and participating in group activities.  A participation rubric (grading scale) will be used to encourage participation and appropriate classroom behavior.   You should make every effort to practice speaking the target language in and out of the classroom.  We will also be using the textbook Discovering French as a classroom resource. 

    We will all work together to creative a positive learning environment. Therefore, it is essential that your behavior is your best. You can expect a creative, collaborative and caring classroom. I will expect that you are safe, respectful, and responsible everyday!


    Please arrive on time daily with all materials, ready to learn!  Three tardies within a quarter will result in a lunch detention and notification home and to the Dean’s office.