Course Outline

  • Ballston Spa Middle School

    Mme Bredderman ~ Français 6e

    Course Outline


    Bonjour! Bienvenue à la classe de français!

     Je m’appelle Madame Bredderman. Je suis américaine et française. La famille de mon père est américaine. La famille de ma mère est française. Moi, j’habite dans l’état de New York depuis toujours. Je voyage en France le plus possible pour rendre visite à ma famille française. J’adore enseigner le français et je suis ravie d’être votre professeur à Ballston Spa!


    Comment allez-vous apprendre le français???

    • flashcards

    • presenting skits

    • playing board games

    • reading aloud

    • creative projects

    • conducting class surveys

    • leading activities as the “teacher”  

    • story time (French children’s books)

    • sing songs

    • puzzles & games


    Materials Checklist

    _____ 3-ring binder (preferably 1.5” with built-in folder pocket & clear pocket in the front)

    Note: You will have to keep track of handouts throughout the year instead of a textbook. I often collect writing tasks done on loose-leaf. A notebook will NOT help you function.

    _____ 4 dividers labeled: 1) Vocabulary  2)Class work/HW  3) Quizzes/Tests 4) Notes/Writing 

    _____ loose-leaf paper (place in section #4 of binderànotes/ writing)

    _____ pens/pencils and eraser

    _____ pencil sharpener

    _____ index cards to make vocabulary flashcards (optional)

    _____highlighters (optional)

    _____ colored pencils or washable markers (optional)

    Binder Sections

    • Vocabulary  - keep ALL vocabulary sheets here

    • Class work/HW -  keep all assignments here

    • Quizzes/Tests – keep ALL quizzes and tests here for reference and review

    • Notes/Writing  -keep notes and writing assignments and extra loose leaf here



    • Be present as much as possible

    • More absences = more difficulty and more stress L

    • After any absence, find out about work missed and be sure to


    • Schedule time at lunch or after school if you need help or if you missed a quiz

    •  Write ABSENT at the top of work turned in late due to absence





    Check your progress regularly on Schooltool

    You should regularly check your progress using the school’s online report card system Schooltool. All assignments in my class are recorded as points. For instance, I may assign a project worth 50 points. If you earn a 50/50 then you have received 100% on the project. Your overall average is automatically calculated as I enter scores and are weighted according to the percentage breakdown (see grading policy below). I do my best to keep my grade book updated with the current assignments; however, at times you may have to wait up to a week or so to see grades for any given assignment.


    Grading Policy

    60% Assessments

    20%  Participation & Speaking                

    20%  Practice Assignments            

                       & Speaking 20%

    Come prepared and ready to participate:

    • listen to instruction

    • ask questions

    • repeat vocabulary aloud

    • work cooperatively with others

    • be engaged in all activities

    • take risks and expect to make mistakes

    Pas de souci! (No worries!)



    Practice Assignments (Class work & Homework) 20%

    Complete ALL assignments:

    • about 15+ class work & HW practice assignments per quarter worth 5-10 points each

    • class work may be self-corrected as we go over answers or collected and checked for a grade based on completion

    • HW is always due the next class unless otherwise stated  and is collected and checked for completion  ***** always use your resources to help you, mistakes are ok J *****

    * Homework MUST be in on time to receive full credit. Partial credit for late work.


    Soyez diligent! (Be diligent!)



    Assessments (Quizzes, Tests & Projects) 60%

    • Quizzes occur at the end of each unit and are usually worth 25 points

    • Quarter 1 Test worth 50 points

    • Midterm worth 100 points (material from Q1 & Q2)

    • Quarter 3 test worth 50 points

    • Final Exam worth 100 points (general knowledge and skills acquired)

    • 1-3 projects per quarter worth 10-50 points each

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