Behavior Expectations


    1. Be respectful.

    -          be kind and speak politely to others

    -          be considerate of the property of others including that of the school

    -          arrive to class on time

    -          raise your hand and patiently wait your turn to speak

    -          listen when others are speaking

    -          no gum, food or beverages in class (except water)


    2. Be prepared.

    -          come to class ready to work, listen, cooperate, and participate appropriately

    -          bring all necessary materials including homework, binder, and pencils

    -          politely request to take bathroom breaks at appropriate times during class (during seat work)


    3. Follow all school rules.

    -          arrive on time to classes

    -          keep electronic devices such as cell phones out of class (in lockers)

    -          dress appropriately according to dress code stated in agenda

    (avoid low-cut tops and short shorts or skirts, no profane or inappropriate t-shirts)

    -          show respect, tolerance, and kindness to all