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    Our Digital Devices-What is a Computer? 

    Essential Questions:  What is a Computer?  What internal and external components make up a computer system?  What are the functions of those parts?? How do they relate to one another? How does information flow through the system? Why are some computers more expensive than others? How does that affect your ability to run software on the device?

    2017 ISTE Nets met by this assignment:

    Empowered Learner  1d- Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies and are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.
    Knowledge Constructor 3d-Students build knowledge by actively exploring real-world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories and pursuing answers and solutions.

    Global Collaborator 7c-Students contribute constructively to project teams, assuming various roles and responsibilities to work effectively toward a common goal.

    Student Objectives:

    • Be able to identify the internal parts to a computer system and their role in the system.
    • Be able to identify the peripherals such as the printer, scanner and digital camera to a computer system and understand their functions.
    • To become and informed consumer. To learn how to read and understand sales ads describing different computer systems. 

    Computer Basics Activities-  Print out the activities checklist BEFORE you begin.  Keep this is your class folder so you know what activities you have already done and still need to do.  Complete the 5 assignments in the order listed.  Once one assignment is done, place it in the basket on my desk.  All 5 assignments are graded. 

    How do I learn about the topic and complete the activities??? Easy! 

    (1) Read over the questions on the activity/notesheet first! 
    (2) Watch the video. 
    (3) Read the information on the webpage for the activity. 
    (4) Now write your answers!! 

    *NOTE:  The videos accessed through Safari Montage.  Your username and password is the same as it is on the school network.

    Activity #1What is a Computer

    Your Task:  Watch the video, What is a Computer.  Then go and read the GCF What is a Computer web page.  Complete the note sheet

    Activity #2-Understanding Operating Systems and Applications

    Your Tasks: 

    Part I-Watch the video, Understanding Operating Systems. Then go and read the GCF web page, Understanding Operating Systems.  Complete questions on Part I of the notesheet.

    Part II-Watch the Video, Understanding Applications.  Then go and read the GCF web page, Understanding Applications.  Complete the Questions on Part II of the notesheet.


    Activity #3-Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer

    Your Task:  Watch the video, Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer.  Then go and read the Basic Parts of a Computer web page.  Complete Question and Activity Sheet.

    Activity #4 -Buttons and Ports on a Computer

    Your Task:  Watch the video, Buttons and Ports on a Computer.  Then go and read the Buttons and Ports on a Computer web page. Activity #4 Worksheet.

    Activity #5-Inside a Desktop Computer

    There are several parts to this activity. Please read carefully.

    Part I-Watch the Video, Computer Basics:  Inside a Desktop.  Then go and read the web page, Computer Basics:  Inside a Desktop.  Complete part I of the note sheet. 

    Part IIWatch the video: Computer Tour at How Stuff Works.  As you are watching the video, complete Part II on the note sheet.  Hint:  you can re-wind the video as many times as needed! 

    Part III-Bits, Bytes, Gigabytes and Megahertz! What!???  Study the units of measurement on your worksheet, then answer the questions on Part III of your note sheet.

    Finished all the videos and all the questions on the notesheets?! Well, review the computer hardware/software vocabulary and concepts by playing the games below!

    Identifying Computer Parts

    Computer Parts Rags to Riches

    Computer Vocabulary Battleship Game

    Peripheral Devices 

    Input/Output Game

    PowerPoint Flash Card Review

    PDF Version of flash card review(use if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer at home)

    What Makes a Computer. A Computer? Video Link

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