Digital Citizenship

  • Digital Citizenship

    The Role of digital media in our lives.

    Essential Question: What is a digital footprint, and what does yours convey? How does our use digital media affect our lives?

    Learning Objectives:  Students will be able to....

    • learn that they have a digital footprint and that information from it can be searched, copied and passed on, and seen by a large, invisible audience, and that it can be persistent.
    • recognize that people's online information can be helpful or harmful to their reputation and image.
    • consider their own digital footprints and what they want those footprints to be like in the future.
    • consider their own use of digital media.  How many hours in a 24 hour period do they use digital media? 

    Activity #1  How do you connect using technology today? Watch the Video, Digital Life 101. Count how many are shown!  Next watch, The Common Sense Census:  Media Use by Tweens and Teens.  How many hours of media a day do teens use?? How many hours do girls use sociall media in a day?  How many hours a day do 1/3 of boys play video games a day?? Watch the video to find these answers! Record your answers on this worksheet.

    Homework:  What is the place of digital media in our lives? Complete the media log.  You will be tracking your digital media use over a 24 hour period.  This data will be shared out and graphed in our Google Sheets unit so it's important that you do it!!

    Kahoot Game-Social Media, Social Life 2018

    Activity #2:  What is your Digital Footprint?  Watch the video Digital Footprint.  Every time you go on-line, you leave a digital footprint that can be...Find out!!  Write down the 5 things can happened with your digital footprint.  Why should you care?  Watch the Video, Digital Life 102: Perspectives on Social Media.   In this video, students draw conclusions about the positive and negative ways digital media affect them and influence the larger culture.

    Group Task:  The fictional game show, "Trillion Dollar Footprint Game" has narrowed down their search for a new game show host to two people,  Jason and Linda.  Your group will be charged with examining the blog posts, photos, and profiles of Jason and Linda.  You are looking to see who would be the best candidate for the game show host.  You are looking for someone who is  honest and who works well with others. Your group must come to a decision and be ready to support their approval of one candidate and dismissal of the other based on what you see "on-line."

    *A key message of the lesson is that although online information provides an incomplete picture of a person, it can still affect how others view that person.

    Activity #3:  Designing Your Own Digital Footprint

    Photoshop Footprint Task:  Your class will be designing and creating a bulletin board display for our classroom wall.  The main idea of the board is"  What Does Your Digital Footprint Say".  Each student will contribute by creating your own collage of as many different apps that you use on your cell phone, tablet, e-reader, iPods, or computer both in school and out.  We will be using Photoshop to create a footprint image of the collage.  This footprint will be displayed on our bulletin board.

    Step 1:  Go to your Google Drive and create a collage of all the different apps that you are using now and those you think you might be using when you are older in high school.  Rotate and overlap the images.  Use the cropping tool to remove white space.   Save to your Google Drive as “My Footprint”. 

    Step 2:  Open up the collage in the program Photofiltre and use the editing tools to create a digital footprint of the collage. 

    Step 3:  Print in color, cut around outline of footprint and hand in. This will be used on our digital footprint classroom bulletin board.



    Extra Time?? Take the survey Digital Footprint Assessment.  See what you know about being safe, responsible and respectful online. 

    Finished Early? Play the Digital Compass Games.  What would you do in each situation?

    Video links are from the Common Sense Media website.