Middle School Computers

  • Instructor:  Mrs. Arnold
    Contact info:  marnold@bscsd.org or 884-7200, ext. 4305  

    Welcome to Mrs. Arnold's Computer Class!! Be sure to add this page to your favorites! If you need to contact me outside of class, the best way to do that is email!  marnold@bscsd.org

    7th grade Computer Literacy  is a 10-week class that meets three to four times a week.    Check out what you will be learning below!

    Units to be covered:

    1.  Students will learn about being a good digital citizen and what their digital footprint is and means to them.

    2.  Students will define what a computer is and learn what makes up a computer system.  Students will learn the internal parts of a computer systems, understand what function they have in the system and as a consumer, why it is important to understand the functions of those parts.

    3.  Students will learn what a spreadsheet program is and how to use the program to create simple formulas and charts. For this unit, the students will be using Google Sheets.

    4.  Students will learn how to write code using a visual programming language called Scratch. 

     Schoology-Assignments are posted daily.

    It is your responsibility to check it each day at the beginning of class.   You can check to see what we will be doing in class,  if there is homework or an upcoming quiz, you may access end of unit review games to help you study on this page.  Add this to favorites so it's easy to check on a daily basis!

    What will students be graded on? 

    • Each unit will have computer assignments and end of the unit quizzes. 
    • Each assignment is completed in class. If a student is absent and/or not able to complete the project in class, they should make arrangements to come during lunch, study halls, or after school.  
    • There will be a few homework assignments that require Internet access.  For those students who do not have Internet access at home, I allow extended time so that the student may come in during lunch, after school or during a study hall to complete it.

    Grades and Make-up Work

    Grades will be posted on the due date.  If your assignment is missing, the letter "m" will be entered into the grade book temporarily until the assignment is completed and turned in.  Students can make up work during study halls, lunches or after school. All work assigned must be completed by the end of the quarter.  Homework assignments are due on the the date they are given. Please note, the letter "m" will enter a 0 into the grade book until the grade is entered when the work is turned in. 

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