Engineering Contest

  • Engineering Education Service Center's (EESC)
    2011 Music Contest!


    Sing the Song of Engineering!

    For this contest, contestants will each create a two-three minute song about engineering, technology, or computer science that will rock your socks off! From speakers and microphones to the instruments, amps, computers, and other technology -- engineers have designed it all. To win, you or your band must compose a song that shows your appreciation for all the amazing inventions that make our lives better, easier, and more fun. 


    Contest deadline: 11:59pm March 22, 2011



    Each winning band will receive:

    Grand Prize: $200 Cash, Second Place: $100 Cash, Third Place: $50 Cash

    Honorable mentions to be awarded at judges' discretion.
    All winners will also receive a Certificate of Achievement.


    For more complete contest regulations or to enter, visit


    The Musical Engineer: A Music Enthusiast's Guide to Careers in Engineering and Technology

    At last, a book for every student that loves music. Written for middle school, high school and pre-engineering college students, this book compiles resources, information and stories of engineers who work passionately in the music industry to design new and improved products for music enjoyment. Motivation to develop your skills, imagination to see the finished product, and the energy to see it through are all outstanding attributes of future engineers. In this book, the word engineer is used to mean those with a four-year (or more) engineering degree as well as those with a two-year engineering technology degree (music, audio, electronics, etc.).


    Ranging from the design and construction of stadium and studio sound systems, to the design and manufacture of iPods, electronic instruments, gaming sound, MIDI programming, and much more, you will understand what you need to know to work in this industry and find a satisfying and rewarding job as a music engineer.


    This book presents possibilities you might not have expected. You will see what types of engineers stream live concerts on the Web and create your favorite music software. You'll also find out how to identify companies that will hire you as an engineer. From the software engineers who design ring tones, to the electrical engineers who work on new microphones and speakers, to the computer engineers who create new thrill ride or animatronic sounds, the sound industry has a place for many types of engineers. You will learn what it takes to design music applications and get advice from engineers about how to succeed in the industry.


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