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    6th grade Robotics          *Under construction*

    Gear Ratio  Answers to :What is a gear and where gears are used?  What relationship is there between the number of teeth a gear has and its possition and location in the system.

    Lego Parts

    Programing with Robolab



    Robotics Parts Quiz

    Gears for Robotics 



    Lessons:  (for each,see related files at the bootom of this page)

    • About LEGO Gears
    • LEGO parts identification
    • the RCX
    • Programming with ROBOLAB


    1. Power Point Robot research project
    2. How far will it go
    3. Will you see the line
    4. Don't fall off the cliff
    5. Bull in the ring
    6. Mouse in the maze
    7. It's your problem





    Possible Advanced Projects

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