Bits and Bytes Video Notes

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    Bits and Bytes [NASA]

    What is the difference between BITS and BYTES?

    -         A BIT is a ______ or a _____ [0 or 1]

    -         Because only two numbers are used the number system is called ________ [Binary]

    -         A BYTE is a series of 8 ______ [BITS]

    What Are Bits and Bytes?

    ____’s store binary digits in tiny groves burned into the plastic surface. [DVD]

    _______ _______ store analog signals in the patterns of metal fillings that get ‘read’ by an electromagnet. [Cassette Tapes]

    Digital means ___; Analog means _____ [Discreet, Fuzzy]

    In digital, transition between voltages is _______. [Undefined]

    Analog signals form __________ wave patterns. [Continuous]

    The machine language of modern computers is written in ________ ________. [Binary Code]

    A byte is a sequence of _____ bits. [8]

    A byte can hold up to ____ different values. [256]

    Bill Nye Talks Binary

    A switch has two positions either ____ or _____. [off, on]

    A switch is like a door; it is either _____ or _____. [closed, open]

    The more switches that we have the more  ____________ we can move around. [information]

    Computers have switches and each switch can only count to _____. [1]