Unit 1: Basic Electricity

  • For anyone looking for an online resource that will help you understand electricity and its concepts more I highly recommentd the following website:

    Non-destructive Testing Resources... Introduction to Electricity


    NDT Resource Center Electricity links


    1. Basic Electricity

    Science of Electricity- Bill Nye and Chapter 11 TE Learning by Design


    • Ohms Law Calculator
      Volt=K ohms/M Amps
    • OHM's Sim  
    • Electromotive Force
    • Virtual Electicity & more  Work sheet
      Phet circuit construction Kit Download and many other virtual kits for technology, science and math. From The University of Colorado at Boulder

    • Glossary Gateway to Engineering
      Chapter 14
      Electricity The flow of electrons through a pathway.
      Electromagnet A metal core that is rendered magnetic by the passage of an electric current through a surrounding coil.
      Electromotive force The pressure on electrons to move them through a conductor that is supplied by the power source.
      Electronegativity The measure of the attraction that an atom has for the electrons orbiting about its nucleus.
      Laws of magnetism The scientific principle that states that like magnetic poles repel and unlike magnetic poles attract.
      Ohm's law A mathematical formula that describes the relationship among voltage, current, and resistance: E = I × R.
      Semiconductor A material that is neither a good conductor nor a good insulator; its electrical conductivity can be precisely altered by a manufacturing process.
      Valence electron An electron on an atom's outermost orbit.

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