Assemble wheels to dragster DIRECTIONS

  • Assembling wheels on to dragster

    1. Open “assembly drawing”
    2. Select the “Place component” tool.
    3. Select your dragster from your “H” drive
    4. Click it on to the screen
    5. Select the “Place component” tool.
    6. Select rear wheel in “T”drive-Technology-6th –“rear wheel”.
    7. Place two wheels near the correct position by clicking.
    8. Repeat step 6 and 7.  This time selecting “front wheel”.
    9. Choose the constraint tool
    10. Click on insert
    11. Select to rear dragster axle hole 1st -à then the rear wheel axle hole 2nd.
    12. Select apply.
    13. REPEAT for the remainder wheels.
    14. Select SAVE and place in “H” drive
    15. Save copy as
    16. In the dialog box change “save as type” form assembly (*iam.)  to BMP.(*bmp.)
    17. Click startà programàaccessoriesà paint
    18. Open your bmp dragster file
    19. Spill while into the blue field and then SAVE..