Good Tips for Interacting with your Buddy

  • Good tips for interacting with your Buddy

    Just as you want to be thoughtful and respectful in your choice of language when speaking to your Buddy, be aware that there are certain actions which are more respectful than others. Here is a good list of things to remember if you are in a difficult situation with your Buddy.


    • Remember that a person who has a disability is a person like anyone else.
    • Relax. If you dont know what to do or say, allow the person who has a disability to help put you at ease.
    • Ask. If you have a question about what to do, how to do it, what language to use, or what assistance to offer, ask the person with the disability. That person should be your first and best resource.
    • Offer assistance if it seems needed. Respect your Buddys right to say that they dont need help.
    • Give your Buddy your full attention when you are together or in a group.
    • Appreciate what the person can do. Remember that difficulties the person may be facing may stem more from the attitudes of others more than from the disability itself.
    • Be considerate of the extra time it might take for a person with a disability to get things said or done. Let the person set the pace in walking or talking.
    • Speak directly to a person who has a disability, rather than using a teacher or aide as a go between.
    • Ask before pushing a wheelchair. The person in the wheelchair can tell you when or if she/he needs help getting around.
    • Listen carefully and patiently to a person with a speech difference. Dont be afraid to let the person know if you do not understand. Be patient not only with the person with the disability but also with yourself.
    • Anticipate. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Try to anticipate the needs your Buddy might have or the situation demands and remember that safety always comes first.