•   eBooks are available from the library, YAY!



    SORA- eBooks for reading or listening

    Access SORA from Device (not a computer)

    **Only need to do these setup steps one time.**

    1. Download SORA App                     
      1. SORA, by Overdrive
    2. Click Find My School
    3. Click My School Isn’t Listed        -Type in WSWHE BOCES School Library System AND Click WSWHE BOCES
    4. On pull-down menu, Click Ballston Spa Ctl School District
    5. Click Sign in using Ballston Spa Ctl School District
      1. If message appears, Click Continue
      2. Type in school email            ***Remember @bscsd.org   →Example: smithjo@bscsd.org
    1. Sign in using school computer log in

    Did you get the message- URL cannot be found?

    Follow these steps:

    ___Open new search and search  ---→  drive.google.com

    ____Enter your school email ----→go back to SORA app and sign in again.

    If it still doesn’t work, email Mrs. Gerwitz- sgerwitz@bscsd.org 


    Changing Preferences

    1. After logging into your SORA account
    2. Click Explore
    3. Click Preferences tab
    4. You can choose the types of books you’d like to see each time to log into SORA


    Preferences for downloading books onto Kindle or other reading device

    1. After logging into SORA account
    2. Click on black and white bars (upper right corner)
    3. Click Device Settings
    4. Click on I read books in Sora
      1. Change to Kindle or in SORA on another device



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