2017-2018 Class Materials

  • 7th Grade Science Class Materials

    Required Materials:

    2 inch - 3 Ring Binder:  This is the primary binder for Science. All notes, labs, activities and Worksheets will be stored in this binder.  This should be brought to science every day.

    Page Dividers: For 3 Ring Binder:  These are used to separate the sections of the science binder.
    There will be 5 sections labeled:  (Avery 5 Tab Dividers)  

    1. Unit Work
    2. Notes Topics 
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Review Sheets
    5. Save Section

    Metric Ruler:  A metric ruler is often necessary for measuring and also constructing graphs and data tables.  A ruler can also be found inside the cover of the student Agenda. 

    Pencils/Erasers:  All science work must be completed in pencil.  

    Cheap Head Phones: Through out the year students will be doing individual work on computers that require them to watch videos. 

    Optional Materials:

    Colored Pencils:  Having a set of colored pencils is nice and will save time in class.  I do have colored pencils for students to borrow as well. 

    Calculator:  A calculator can also be a convenience, but I do provide calculators when they are required. 

    ScienceSaurus Handbook: We do not have a science textbook in middle school; instead we rely  on notes and this very helpful handbook in Grades 6-8.  Having a copy at home is not necessary, but it can be very useful.  There is a link below to order a copy from Great Source Education Group, Inc.