Science 8 and Regents

  • Science 8 and Regents

    Most students will take Science 8 next year to complete the final year of the 5-8 Intermediate Science Curriculum.   This is a wonderful program and covers the following topics:

    1. Characteristics of Living Things, Cells, and Classification

    2. Experimental Design, Genetics and Evolution

    3. Astronomy

    4. Meteorology

    5. Chemistry

    A small percentage of students have achieved a mastery level of understanding by the end of seventh grade and are prepared to take a Regents level class in eight grade.  In order to be considered for Regents level science in eighth grade, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

    -             Average of at least 92% at the 25 week interval of  7th grade science

    -             Average of at least 92% on 7th grade unit assessments

    -             High level of work ethic

    -             High Attendance

    -             High level of math skills

    -             Strong interest in science

    -             Score of at least 85% on Advanced Science Placement Test

    It is very important that students demonstrate mastery of the Intermediate Science Curriculum before being considered for Regents level science classes.  This is due to the fact that students who take Earth Science or Biology in grade 8 will miss a full year of the Intermediate Science Curriculum. 

    Please reference the attached letter for more detailed information

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