• Calculating an Average:

    Exams: 40%

    Class work: 40%

    Homework: 20%


    Exams:  Students will have nine unit exams throughout the seventh grade year.  Each unit of study lasts approximately five weeks allowing for about 2 unit exams per marking period.  Students will also have a cumulative science final exam, which counts as 12% of the student's overall science average for the year.

    Class work:  Students have many graded class work assignments including lab activities, worksheets, group projects and individual performance tasks.

    Homework:  "BlueSheets"  Students will be given a Blue Homework Sheet.  Students will be given homework assignments 3-4 nights a week.  For every completed assignment students will receive a stamp on their BlueSheet.  After 10 homework assignments these blue sheets will be handed in and recorded for a grade.  It is very important that students do no loose their blue sheets.  

    Communicating Grades:

    Grades in middle school are numeric indicating a student's exact average; letter grades are no longer used.  BSMS mails home both Progress Reports and Report Cards eight times a year.  The dates for Progress Reports and Report Cards are indicated on the District's calendar

    I plan to use a new program, School Tool, to inform parents and students of individual grades, overall averages and upcoming assignments.  I aim to enter upcoming assignments into the system as often as possible, but I cannot guarantee all assignments will appear prior to due dates. 

    Parents:  Please check your child's Agenda on a regular basis as this remains the student's responsibility and our primary means of communication.