• Class Materials

    2015-2016 Required Materials

    1.5 Inch Binder  - This binder is to be used for science class only - to store notes, class activities, labs and worksheets. It should come to class each day and go home for studying and completing homework assignments.

    3 Divider Tabs - Divider tabs are important when keeping binders organized.  Tabs can be labeled:

    1. Notes
    2. Classwork/Labs
    3. Homework

    Pencils/Erasers -  All science work must be completed in pencil. Students are expected to come to class with a pencil/eraser every day. 

     * Please label materials with student's full name, science period (6B - __), Ms. Northrop, and Room 407

    Optional Materials:

    Colored Pencils: Having a set of colored pencils is nice and will save time in class. I do have colored pencils for students to borrow as well.

    Calculator: A calculator can also be a convenience, but I do provide calculators when they are required.