Getting Started

  • Need help getting started with your Pumpkin Launch Project?  Search the internet.  Launching stuff, including pumpkins, is an addictive hobby for many people.  There are a great deal of resources to choose from on the net.  In general, the ancient tools of war are broken into 4 categories:  Catapults, Trebuchets, Onagers, and Ballistae.  You can model you launcher after one of these, or set out on your own.  Try searching on those terms, or perhaps something more specific like "trebuchet plans".  You will be overwhelmed by the wealth of information. 

    Also, Peter Gurstelle has written a great book entitled The Art of the Catapult which overviews the ancient launcher styles, but only gives plans for tabletop models.  Mr. Poirier has a copy in his room.

    Please see the "Related Files" section below for two simulators that may help.  If you use the Catapult simulator, please make sure the two files are placed in the same directory prior to running the program.

    The video analysis portion of the lab will be done in the computer lab after we are done with the launch!  The video will be shot as you launch your pumpkin.