Regents Physics

  • Regents Physics is designed to prepare you to take the NYS Regents Physics exam at the end of the year.  It should be noted that the course is challenging, involves math, and will require work on your part.  The primary focus is both on learning physics – learning how interesting the physical world around us is – and doing physics – actually investigating that physical world yourself to see what secrets it holds.  I hope you will experience some of the majesty and awe that comes with scientific investigation.


    I am after school almost every day for help.  Please visit me if you are having trouble.

    Here is a list of things that will make your year successful. Best wishes for a great year!



    1. You will need the following materials for physics:  notebook, folder, scientific calculator, pen and pencil.
    2. You are expected to have a notebook reserved for only physics. 
    3. Textbooks will be distributed and must be returned at the end of the year.
    4. Please bring notebook, scientific calculator, and pen(cil) to class everyday.

    The achievement grade for each student will be calculated as follows:

    50% Exam Grade (2 or 3 per quarter)

    10% Quiz Average

    20% Lab Average

    10% Homework/class work

    10% Long Term Assignments (LTA)

    TESTS (50%) and Quizzes (10%):


    1.      Tests will be at the end of each unit.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced within each unit.


    2.      If you are absent for a test, you should arrange with me to take it on your own time (free period, lunch, or after school).


    3.      This course will include a midterm (20-week) and a 40-week exam.  The exams will count as tests in the 2nd and 4th quarters respectively.


    4.      The Regents Exam will be your official final exam.  All students are required to take it.  It will count as 20% of your yearly average.


    LABS (20%):


    1.      The New York State Physics Curriculum requires all students to complete the lab section of this course in order to be admitted to the Regents Exam in June.  This means you must have satisfactorily completed 20 hours of lab work, documented in the form of written lab reports that are kept on file with me. It is YOUR responsibility to file the reports in your folder after I hand them back.  Students who do not meet the minimum lab requirement will not be eligible to take the Regents exam.


    2.      Labs are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due (usually one week from when we finish collecting data).  Students who do not hand in their labs on or before this time will face a 10% deduction per day in their final grade of the lab.


    3.      Lab work that is missed due to an absence must be made up in a timely fashion either during free blocks or after school.


    4.      Please read and understand the Student Laboratory Requirement and Student Laboratory Safety Contract.  You are responsible for following these two policies.




    HOMEWORK (10%):


    1.      Written homework will be assigned almost nightly and will usually consist of answering questions from the text. These will often be checked or collected for grading at the beginning of the class in which they are due.  All homework should be kept in your binder (or folder) to study from.


    2.      Homework needs to be handed in on time.  Assignments will not be accepted after answers are distributed or the assignment has been gone over in class.  If you are absent, homework is due upon your return to school in a timely fashion.


    3.       You can check the class website for homework assignments and due dates.





    1.      Lateness:  You are expected to be in class on time every day.  Lateness disrupts the class and distracts from everybody’s learning.  Students who are late without a pass must sign in on the sign-in sheet.  The third lateness, or a significant lateness, may result in detention.


    2.      Absences:  Do your best to keep absences to a minimum so that you don’t miss instruction and have to make up work.  Of course, you may be sick or on a field trip or have some other activity that causes you to miss class.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any work you missed.  You can find out what you missed by:

    a)      contacting one of your classmates,

    b)      emailing me, 

    c)      checking the class website,


    3.      All graded work missed due to a cut or illegal absence will receive a grade of zero, according to school policy.




    Please see me for extra help as soon as you run into trouble.  If you can correct the problem right away, you won’t fall behind and life will be much easier for you.  I’m usually in my room after school and on my free periods (check my schedule).  If possible, make an appointment with me or else just stop by.





    REGENTS RULES:  Guidelines set up for the NYS Physics Regents are a little picky about some things.  Solutions to numerical problems that require work to be shown must include an appropriate formula, substitution of numbers with units into the formula, and an answer with units.  Failure to do these things will result in loss of credit, even if the answer is “right.”  Since these are the rules for the Regents exam, I make them my rules as well.  Anything you hand in for grading, such as labs, quizzes, tests, homework, etc. must follow these rules.