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AP Physics

  • The 2020 AP Physics 1 (algebra-based) exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 7th in the afternoon.  The practice AP exam will be held on Saturday, May 2nd (hopefully in room 324).

    The final exam for PHY-153 (Physics I) is given during Regents week in January.

    The final exam for PHY-154 (Physics II) is given as close as possible to the AP Physics exam without conflicting with AP exams in other subjects.


    Course Description: AP Physics is an in-depth, algebra-based course for honors-level students that provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics. The course is aligned with the NYS Regents Physics core curriculum, the AP Physics 1 (algebra-based) syllabus and the first 2 semesters of physics at Schenectady County Community College (PHY 153 and PHY 154).  Topics covered include Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal Physics, Thermodynamics, Waves and Optics, as well as Atomic and Nuclear Physics. AP Physics emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills and the student should have a firm understanding of algebra and trigonometry. Students will take the AP Physics 1 exam, final exams for PHY 153/154, and the NYS Regents Physics Exam.


     Link to volunteer for Super Science Saturday on January 18th, 2020.