2017-2018 Members

  • 2018-19 NHS Members


    Many thanks to all of the students who applied for National Honor Society membership!

    Selection is based upon careful consideration of a student’s scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

    The following students have been selected as members of the Ballston Spa High School Chapter of the National Honor Society for the 2018-19 school year:


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     Alteri, Luke

    Anderson, Thomas 
    Balet, Elizabeth (Liza) 
    Barno, James 
    Burdick, Giavanna 
    Byrd, Moriah 
    Cooney, Alissa 
    Cowit, Sage 
    Curran, Kelly 
    Danison, George 
    Delph, Gabe 
    Donovan, Una 
    Dybowski, Kaitlyn 
    Fecura, Lillian (Lilly) 
    Folli, Rylan 
    Frederick, Jacqueline 
    Gizzi, Annalise 
    Gold, Luke 
    Gottmann, Greta 
    Greco, Julia 
    Hansen, Peter 
    Hodge, Alex 
    Horsch, Laurie 
    Kum, Sina 
    Liggieri, Griffin 
    Lehane, Colleen 
    Lunman, Katelyn 
    MacDonald, Colin 

    Mahoney, Kelsey 

    Manolakis, Megan 
    McDonough, Noah 
    McLain, Brianna 
    McMahon, Megan
    Miller, Savannah
    Mrzyglod, Alexis
    Nieckarz, Megan
    O'Connell, Liam
    O'Connor, Grace
    Pepper, Annalise
    Poirier, Michael
    Sager, Anya
    Serencsics, Lauren
    Sitterly, Emma
    Urban, Lillian (Lily)
    Urban, Meghan
    Wania, Caitlin
    Wroblewski, Maeve
    Zink, Karyn
    Heeney, Meghan
    Crowther, Paige
    Roberts, Angelene