Mathematical Topics

  • Welcome to Mathematical Topics!

    Course: This course is a one year college credit course that explores a variety of mathematical topics and their applications to the world around us.  Topics covers sets, logic, Euler diagrams, the mathematics of graphs, number theory, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry, modular arithmetic, group theory, applications of linear, Quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions.


    What to Bring to Class:

    • 3 ring Binder (for Math ONLY; Notes, HW, Projects, etc…2” recommended)
    • 8 tab dividers
    •  Loose leaf paper (lined)
    • Pencils with eraser
    • Graphing Calculator, TI83/84 (TI-84 recommended)

    Grading Policy:

    • Your grade is based on the total points you earn.
    • You will earn points for homework, class work, projects, problem sets, warm ups, exit tickets, cumulative reviews, quizzes, and tests.
    • Quizzes are between 30 - 60 points.
    • Every test is 100 points.
    • Your grade for each quarter is calculated by dividing the total points you earn for the quarter by the total number of points possible for the quarter.
    • Your final course grade is an average of your four quarter grades and your Common Core Regents score(5 grades, 20% for each).


    Final Exam:

    • All students will take the Common Core Regents Algebra I Exam in June as their final exam.
    • In accordance with school policy, your final exam count as one-fifth of your final average.



    Homework is assigned nearly every night.  You must show your work to receive full credit.  You may use your notes or come see me for help.  Your homework will be checked at the beginning of class for a grade out of 4 points according to the following criteria:

    4 points (100%)

    • Homework is handed in on time (beginning of class)
    • ALL homework problems are completed or attempted
    • Homework directions are followed correctly (correct problems graph paper, etc.)
    3 points (75%)
    • Homework is handed in on time (beginning of class)
    • One problem is blank or directions are not followed correctly
    2 points (50%)
    • Homework is handed in late, and ALL problems are completed.
    2 points (50%)
    • Homework is handed in on time (beginning of class)
    • Two or more problems are blank with at least half of the problems completed or attempted
    1 point (25%)
    • Homework is handed in on time (beginning of class), but less than half of the problems are completed or attempted.
    0 points (0%)
    • Homework is never done.
    *  A problem is considered "attempted" if, at a minimum, you write the given information from the problem on your paper.
    • I reserve the right to collect homework, unannounced, for a quiz grade.
    • Be prepared to discuss, present, and ask questions about the homework assignment.
    • If you consistently do not complete your homework, you will be assigned detention with me.


    Graded Assignments:

    • Be sure to show all work on graded assignments for full credit.  
    • Points may be deducted for late work. 
    • Pay attention to due dates!

    Tests and Quizzes:

    • Every unit will have one or more quizzes that will be announced a day or two in advance.
    • Small warm up quizzes should be expected every day, will not be announced, and will be similar to notes and homework questions from the day(s) before. 
    • Review your notes every night.
    • A test or large quiz will be given at the end of each unit and will be announced at least a week in advance.
    • A unit test or quiz may contain review material from previous units.

    • I encourage ALL students to make corrections to their Quizzes and Tests.  You can learn from your mistakes.  I am available after school to help with your corrections.
    • Your CR grade will NOT change as a result of your corrections.
    • Only students that earn below a 70% on a test or quiz can change their grade with corrections.
    For students that earn below a 70% on a test or quiz...
    • You must make corrections with me after school using my CR/Quiz/Test Corrections form
    • Quiz corrections are due before or on the day of the test
    • Test corrections are due one week after the test is given
    • All corrections need to be completed on my CR/Quiz/Test Corrections form
    • After a student completes his/her corrections, I will add back 1/2 of the missed points up to 70% for his/her quiz/test grade.
    Additional Credit Recovery may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

    Extra Help:

    • I strongly encourage you to see me for help the day you do not understand something!
    • Do not wait until you are completely lost and overwhelmed.
    • I am available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in room 313.

    Make-up Work:
    If you are absent from school 
    • Copy notes you missed from a classmate or my website.
    • Come see me for help.
    • Complete any classwork/homework that you missed.
    • In the case of an extended absence, please see me to make other arrangements.

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on time.  First time late is 5 min lunch detention.  Second time late is 10 min lunch detention.  Third time late is a 15 min lunch detention.
    • Be prepared.
    • Be respectful, kind, and patient.
    • Be positive, helpful, and willing to try.
    • Be present in the moment.  If I catch a student with his/her cell phone or other electronic device out during class this includes ear buds, the student must put his/her cell phone, other electronic device and/or ear buds away for the remainder of the period and the student has an automatic after school detention with me.

    Course Expectations:

    • Stay organized!  Referencing your notes is crucial to your success in this course.  If you need help organizing your binder, see me. 
    • I expect all my students to be successful.  Individual success is the result of perseveringthrough difficult problems, actively engaging in class work, taking good notes, askingquestions, studying the material, doing assignments on time, and attending class on a regular basis.

    Brownie Points:
    When the class has earned 20 Brownie points, I (Ms. Poole) will bake brownies for the class.
    • Everyone in the class completes a homework assignment (all 4pts) = 1 Brownie point
    • A student earns 100% on a unit test = 1 Brownie point
    • A student politely points out a mathematical mistake made by me (Ms. Poole) during class = 1 Brownie point
    • Other course activities at my (Ms. Poole's) discretion.

    Notices:  I am using Remind this year to help keep everyone informed about classroom assessments, activities and assignments.  Remind is a free service that lets me send quick messages via text, push notifications, or email to everyone involved with the class without sharing our personal contact information.  Every student will receive sign up instructions with a unique code for his/her specific class.

    SCCC College Credit:  Students in this course have the opportunity to receive college credit.  In order to properly complete the registration process, students not living in Schenectady County will need to obtain and bring in a certificate of residence.  All students will also need their social security numbers.  Students will receive a more detailed letter under a separate cover.

    I look forward to working with you this school year!


    Ms. Poole