APChem exam

  • AP Practice Exam  is Sunday, April 9th
    Review sessions after school - Wednesdays and Thursdays

    Some study guides and last minute thoughts

    • BEST REVIEW EVER !! are the three review presentations attached below
    • Review pencasts made by National Math & Science Foundation  Go!!  
      with emphasis on misconceptions and  "how to write really good AP answers"
    • A list of all ALL the learning objectives for the course is attached below, APChemistry Learning Objectives
    • Test taking tips read here and  here!
    • Past part II essay questions and scoring keys here!!
    • APExam Review quizzes and practice packet is for credit and due as indicated on the packet. 
      Due when due  =  not accepted late for any iota of credit
             If the dog eats your homework, then I expect you to take  
             appropriate measures to retrieve or recreate your work. 
                     If the dog ate you, then perhaps we'll talk.
    • More POGILS!! are attached below                              


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