My Home Page

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!

    Here you will find resources for my classes to keep you on pace and support your learning. 

    For Regents Geometry, click on the link on the left.  This will bring up links for the Course Information page (Course Guidelines, Corrections Form, Policies on Corrections, a link to the online textbook, and more) as well as for each unit.  In each unit, you will find the unit outline w/blank lesson summaries, a PDF version of our SmartBoard notes used in class, any homework packets/pages that are handed out in class, and answer keys where applicable.  In case you misplaced an item, you can access it here (especially the outline - there is no excuse for missing homework!).  If you are absent, you can look through & print out the notes from the class. 

    I hope you see this as a great tool.  I hope to also add some of the Challenge Problems too!

    -Mrs. Grube-Edwards: