Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct is a required policy that is reviewed and adopted annually by the Board of Education.  In addition, there are Elementary and Secondary Plain Language Codes of Conduct that provide an age-appropriate interpretation of the Code for students.  These documents can be found below. 

    Information about the Dignity for All Students Act can be found at the link on the left. 

    Dignity Act Coordinators:

    * Malta Avenue:   Sarah Johnson, Principal 884-7250 ext.1351

    * Milton Terrace : Kathleen Chaucer, Principal 884-7210 ext.3353

    * Wood Road:       Anders Rasmussen,  Principal 884-7290 ext.3390

    * Gordon Creek:    Don Brandt, Principal 884-7270 ext.3372

    * Middle School:   Ann Laszewski, Principal 884-7200 ext.4306

    * Middle School:   Andrew Muller II, Assistant Principal ext.4306

    * High School:     Richard Murphy, Interim Principal 884-7150 ext.2351

    * High School:     Assistant Principals, 884-7150 ext. 2350


    If you have any questions, please contact your child's building principal.

    Click on the icon below to review the entire Code of Conduct Policy - or click HERE.