• BSpa Connected (1:1 Chromebook) FAQ
    Question: Why are you starting a Chromebook distribution program?

    Answer:  Students live in a world with anytime, anywhere access to information at their fingertips.  Technology has provided our students with a social, collaborative world.  It has changed the way teaching and learning can occur for this generation of students and for generations to come. Constant change requires independent learning that embraces Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication and the district wide Graduation Competencies. 

    Chromebooks provide students and staff access to digital instructional resources using technology that many students already have, supporting a learning anytime, anywhere model without schedule or access restrictions.   As it is not device or operating system dependent, it allows students to participate in a safe, secure digital environment, maximizing their own technology that is often personalized to their own specifications.  As we live in a world with ready access to technology, this supports the school and classroom experience replicating what occurs in higher education and in the workplace.  Maximizing technology allows for the development of more personalized instruction, blended environments and limitless instructional resources.   

    Question: Will the Chromebooks be web filtered?

    Answer: Yes.  Student web-browsing will be web filtered on-network as well as outside of school. Users must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy and the Chromebook Use Policy.

    Question: What happens if the Chromebook breaks?

    Answer: The device will be evaluated by a technician or administrator.  If the damage is considered to be accidental or "wear and tear", the device will be swapped out.

    Question: Are there any specific applications the students will using?

    Answer: Specific applications will vary by content area and teacher.  However, all classes will be using a learning management (LMS) called Schoology along with the Google Suite for Education. These will be the primary methods of lesson delivery and assignment submission. 

    Question: Can students charge their Chromebook at school?

    Answer: There will be minimal opportunities to charge the Chromebook at school.  Students should come to school everyday with a full charge.

    Question: Will loaners be available if a student forgets their Chromebook?

    Answer: There will be a small number of loaner devices available.  These will be of lesser quality than the student's assigned Chromebook.