• Medication 

    If your child needs to take medication during school hours, it is necessary that both the physician and parent provide written permission. This must include the name of the drug, dose, and time to be given. Children are not allowed to transport medication to school due to the danger of loss or accidental overdose by your child or another. 

    No medication will be administered unless the correct procedure is followed. These regulations apply to all drugs, including non-prescription drugs.

    Whenever possible, try to administer medications outside of school hours. Please do not send cough drops, ointments, or other over the counter products to school.

    New York State law, Article 19, now allows students with respiratory conditions, allergies, and/or diabetes the right to independently carry and use their inhaled respiratory rescue medications; epinephrine auto-injectors; and insulin, glucagon, and related diabetes supplies if the following is provided to the school:
    - written permission from the parent/guardian; and
    - written provider order with an attestation stating both the diagnosis, and that the student has demonstrated they can effectively administer the medication(s).

    Independent carry and use of medications means that your child will take their own medicine without any help. The school will not know if your child takes his/her medicine. If you want your child to independently carry and use a medication listed above during the school day or at school sponsored events, you will need to ask their health care provider to put in writing (attest), that they have watched your child use the medication correctly. We may ask you to have your provider write another order with the required information if it is not on the medication order you bring to school.


    Medication orders 2023-2024