Guidance and Counseling K-12

  • Guidance and Counseling K-12

    Welcome to the the Guidance and Counseling Center.  Located at Ballston Spa High School, the Center is a significant resource for parents and students.  Please click here to visit the High School Guidance and Counseling homepage.


    High School Guidance Office phone number: 884-7150 ext. 2360/2362


    Voice Mail Extension

    E-Mail Address

    Colleen Bengle, Counselor

    Ext. 2379

    Kevin Flores, Counselor

    Ext. 2369

    Mara Gallagher, Counselor

    Ext. 2362

    Christy Knapp, Counselor

    Ext. 2367

    William McAleese, Counselor

    Ext. 2362

    Cathy Roy, Counselor

    Ext. 2368

    Nicole Stehle, Counselor

    Ext. 2366

    Lyndsey Wilcox, Counselor

    Ext. 2364

    Sandy Hammond, Secretary

    Ext. 2360

    Kristina Vivian, Secretary

    Ext. 2362

    Middle School Guidance Office phone number: 884-7200 ext. 4310/4301


    Voice Mail Extension

    E-Mail Address


    Evan Osborne, Counselor

    Ext. 4311

    Caroline O'Connor, Counselor

    Ext. 4313

    Michelle Palmer, Counselor

    Ext. 4319

    Carol Piotrowski, Counselor

    Ext. 4312