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IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

  • What is TOK?

    • TOK is about exploring possibilities and opinions.
    • The fundamental understanding for TOK is the value of experience. 

    • The primary goal is for students to develop habits of mind rather than body of content.

    • Students will learn how to think as opposed to acquiring knowledge.

    • TOK will instill the importance of how to make choices, rather than what is right or wrong.   

    Students are given opportunities to:

    • Reflect upon knowledge and experience, and the validity of the claims made about knowledge.

    • Recognize limitations on the degree of certainty possible in all areas of knowledge.

    • Be aware of subjective and ideological biases in themselves and others;

    • Develop a personal mode of thought based on constructive examination of evidence and expressed in rational argument.

    • Explore the relationship between belief and contrasting worldviews.

    The course will be divided into 7 “topics.” However, the topics are actually frameworks for discussion, observation, and research.  Each topic will build upon the others and promote a synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge and an international perspective. 

    Theory of Knowledge Coordinators -
    Mr. Marc Trzaskos (mtrzaskos@bscsd.org) and  Ms. Tricia Dillion (pdillon@bscsd.org)                                                                                                                 

IB Students at the Clark Museum Field Trip