Group 5: Mathematics

    • Mathematical Studies SL (1 year course) 
    • Mathematics SL (1 year course)









     Math Studies SL

    Course Descriptions

    IB Mathematical Studies SL (IB1228)
    Grade - 11 or 12
    Credit - 1 Unit
    Final Assessment - IB Assessments
    Prerequisite - Algebra 2 or College Algebra
    Teachers - Ms. Lisa Morrill

    IB Mathematical Studies course focuses on math as a tool that can be used to solve problems in many different fields. Students will develop a solid understanding of basic concepts that will allow them to recognize when to apply mathematical tools to solve problems. Math topics we will study include functions and equations, analytical geometry and trigonometry, set theory, probability, statistics, and elementary differential calculus. Students will be active participants in class and will be expected to work independently and cooperatively, make presentations, conduct research, learn and teach. Students will be responsible for an independent piece of mathematical work (internal assessment) in which they ask a mathematical question, collect data, analyze the data and present their findings in a coherent essay of no more than 2000 words. Mathematical Studies SL is designed for students who are planning a career in such fields as education, finance, social science, health sciences, arts and the humanities. In addition to the internal assessment, students will take the IB Mathematical Studies SL external assessment in May and will take a school final exam in June.


     Mathematics SL

    Grade - 11 or 12
    Credit - 1 Unit
    Final Assessment - IB Assessments
    Prerequisite - Algebra 2
    Teacher - Mr. Sean Smith 

    IB Mathematics SL is a one-year course that introduces several important mathematical concepts such as: algebra and functions, trigonometry, vectors, probability, statistics, and differential and integral calculus. The intention of the class is to expose students to these concepts in a clear and consistent way. The course is designed to foster independence in their mathematical learning. This course will provide the students an opportunity to learn how students across the world see and learn mathematics. Students will be encouraged to use alternative notation and to study lives and contributions of several mathematicians. Students will be expected to learn how the attitudes of different societies towards specific areas of mathematics are demonstrated and how the language of mathematics is spoken by all countries. Students are provided with opportunities to take a considered approach to these activities and to explore different ways of approaching a problem. Students will be required to develop skills they need for communicating mathematical ideas. Mathematics SL is designed for students who possess a strong background in mathematics and are looking to pursue a career in which a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts is required. The internally assessed component, the mathematical exploration, offers students a framework for developing independence on their mathematical learning by engaging in mathematical investigation and modeling. At the end of the course, students will take the IB Mathematics SL external assessment. 

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