BSCSD Scottie Dog Logo
  • Use of the BSCSD Logo and Branding Standards

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    The Ballston Spa Central School District recognizes our name, logo, colors and printed fonts
    are invaluable to the district’s image and the district/school community. Along with the district
    mission statement, they are essential in establishing our BSCSD brand. That brand serves as an
    inspiration and pride for our current students, staff members, alumni and the greater school

    The Style/Logo Usage Guide developed by the district in 2023 explains how the district’s name,
    typography, color palette and logos are to be used. Please contact the Office of Community
    Relations and Program Support with any specific questions about their use or compliance with
    this guide. Please use this LINK to access the branding/usage guide and logo formats for both digital applications and print or apparel products.

    Consistency is key to creating a strong brand for our school district and surrounding
    community. As such, all staff, students and clubs/activities advisors should adhere to this guide
    when designing any presentations, handouts, online posts, printed materials or merchandise
    that will be distributed. In addition, any groups that are affiliated with our schools (PTSA, PTA,
    Booster Clubs, etc.), should abide by this guide when designing/selling merchandise or
    purchasing items that use or refer to BSCSD, the Scotties or any of its component parts
    (schools, sports teams, clubs, etc.).

    The district logo and logo marks are the property of the Ballston Spa Central School District.
    This artwork is solely intended for the promotion of the district and Ballston Spa School
    Community. Any alterations, distortions or use of the logos in any manner different from the
    standards put forth in the Style/Logo Usage Guide are prohibited.