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Class Announcements

  • Congratulations to Caitlin Doyle (Valedictorian) and Alexandra Nicolaus (Salutatorian).  Check out our Student Recognition page and read more about Caitlin and Alexandra!



    Parking Permit Applications for the 2019-2020 School Year are Now Available!  You can pick one up in the AP’s Office at the High School or print one online. 

    Student Parking Application and Guidelines 

    1. Parking spots will be numbered and each student will be assigned a specific parking spot. Once assigned, that numbered spot is the only place you should be parking on campus. 

    1. Juniors will only be assigned spots in the Junior Lot.  Seniors will be assigned a spot in the Senior Lot first.  However, if we have more applications than parking spots, some Seniors may be assigned a spot in the Junior Lot. 

    1. Students will be notified via email when they will be able to come in to purchase their parking permit. Please include a valid email address that you check regularly on the application.  That is where notification will be sent for the date and times permits can be purchased.  **Please note:  All students will not be assigned the same date/time to purchase their permit.  Each application will be reviewed (specifically the eligibility requirements on the application) and the review of the application will determine what day students will be able to purchase their permit.  Please go by the date that is sent via email – that is the only date students will be able to purchase their permit. 

    2. Please return the completed application along with a copy of your license to Ms. Howard in the Assistant Principal’s Office.   If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Daina Sisk, Assistant Principal at dsisk@bscsd.org or (518) 884-7150.

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    • Attention all students who attend sporting events as spectators: Please be advised that, due to safety reasons, backpacks are no longer allowed into sporting events. If you absolutely must carry such a bag then understand that administration reserves the right to search the bag prior to your admittance.