• The BSHS Outdoor Club (formerly Mountain Club) is organized to get our students involved with outdoor recreation activities that promote responsibility and care for our environment. Our goal is to organize a Saturday hike or event each month.

    Our first meeting this year (2022-23) will be Thursday, September 22, and our first hike is planned for Saturday October 1st.  There after, our "in-person" club meetings will be held after school on the first and third Thursday of each month as announced. All members planning to attend a hike/event must attend the meeting held on the Thursday preceding the Saturday hike/event.

    The club operates through the Schoology group site "BSHS Outdoor Club."  Students can join the club by making a request to Mr. Balet (  and completing the BSHS Code of Conduct Form.

    2023-24 Outdoor Club officers, when elected, will be listed below.

    • President - Evan Zalucky
    • Vice President - Ephraim DuBuque
    • Treasurer - Taylor Natale
    • Secretary - Graydon Molnar

    The original enthusiastic group of students from 2007, identified a need for a club that gets students outside and into the abundant parks, forests, streams, and lakes in the northeast. Any student may join the club at any time and parental volunteers are always welcome to sign in as a separate group.

    The advisors, Mr. Balet and Mr. Walterich, assist students in the planning and coordination of activities outside of the normal school day hours. Participation in any Saturday activity requires a parent/guardian permission slip (see Google Folder below) that specifies the parent's responsibility for the transport of their child to the site or trailhead of any activity. Every permission slip will have the hike/event description, meeting point, start time, and estimated end time.  All information pertaining to the club can be found on the Schoology site or within this Outdoor Club Google Drive Folder.

    Follow our club activities on our Instagram account



    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the advisors listed below:

    • Mr. Balet ( - SUNY Master Science Teacher with the BSHS Clean Technologies Program @ TEC-SMART
    • Mr. Walterich ( - English Teacher with BSHS

Founding Club Members - Spring 2007

WHITE FACE MOUNTAIN - Founding Members