• BSMS Art Grading Breakdown

    Activities = 20%   

    Assessments = 20%  

    Classwork = 60%

    Elementary      Art 6 Grade 

    E= Exceeds             4/E= Excellence/90-100%

    M= Meets               3/G= Good/75-89%

    I=Inconsistent      2/NI=Needs Improvement/65-74%

    B= Below grade       1/I= Incomplete/ - 64%


    Please Contact Teacher If Questions


    Attributes Mean In Place Of A Numerical Grade In SchoolTool


    M= Missing and students need to make up or locate work for a grade.

    AB = Absent from class and owes work missed. That can be arranged and please feel free to contact me. I will communicate with your child that we need to set a time for completing the owed work.

    EX = Excused from the assignment. If found necessary to excuse any work. Situations depend on factors that will be discussed on an individual and specific basis.